At some point, you might have looked in the mirror and wished those stubborn pockets of fat that no amount of diet or exercise can touch would just simply… vanish. If you think it’s a unique experience you are having, we’ve got some comforting news: you’re not alone. Plenty of people are plagued by the same struggles as you. But, we have some more comforting news: Coolsculpting offers a non-invasive solution to help you achieve that sleeker, more contoured look you desire.

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Imagine a treatment that targets and diminishes those persistent fat deposits that neither diet nor exercise seem to touch — all without any surgery or downtime. Enter CoolSculpting Elite, the advanced evolution of the original CoolSculpting technology. This superior solution not only addresses your concerns about unwanted fat but does so with enhanced efficiency and effectiveness.

With dual applicators that work simultaneously, CoolSculpting Elite reduces treatment time and covers more area than its predecessor, streamlining your path to a sleeker silhouette. This innovative treatment offers a way to sculpt your body with precision and ease, achieving a slimmer, more contoured body that reflects your healthiest, most vibrant self.


Concerns Treated

  • Stubborn fat deposits

Procedure Length

Typically 35 minutes per treated area


Minimal to none; resume daily activities immediately

Results Length

Long-lasting when coupled with a stable weight

How Coolsculpting Works

CoolSculpting Elite harnesses the power of cryolipolysis, a scientifically developed method that targets fat cells by cooling them to a temperature that causes their natural death while leaving surrounding tissues unharmed. This process, also known as fat freezing, is highly effective because fat cells are more temperature-sensitive than other types of cells.

The device utilizes specialized panels that deliver controlled cooling directly to the treatment area. These panels are designed to maintain a consistent cold temperature precisely calibrated to freeze fat cells without affecting the skin or other tissues. As the panels cool the fat cells, they crystallize and eventually die. The dead fat cells are then gradually broken down and removed from the body through natural metabolic processes. This reduction in fat cells leads to a noticeable, natural-looking reduction in fat layers.


Why Do We Need CoolSculpting® Elite?

As we age, our metabolic rate often decreases significantly, making it increasingly difficult to eliminate stubborn fat deposits. Additionally, genetic factors may cause some individuals to lose fat unevenly or struggle to slim down specific body parts. Common trouble spots, such as belly fat, flanks, thighs, arm flab or love handles, can persist despite a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise. CoolSculpting Elite specifically targets these resistant areas by directly eliminating the fat cells, offering a tailored solution to enhance body contour and achieve a more balanced physique.

The entire process is noninvasive, involving no needles or surgery. CoolSculpting Elite typically requires minimal downtime, making it an ideal solution for those seeking effective fat reduction without significantly interrupting their daily lives.

Am I a Candidate for CoolSculpting® Elite?

Several factors about your health and body goals should be considered to determine if you are an ideal candidate for CoolSculpting Elite. Suitable candidates are typically close to their ideal body weight but have localized fat deposits that do not respond to diet or exercise. These individuals should be looking for a nonsurgical option to refine their physique, targeting areas like the abdomen, thighs, arms or flanks.

Qualifications for Candidates:

  • Near Ideal Body Weight: You should be within 10 to 15 pounds of your target weight.
  • Persistent Fat Deposits: You have specific areas of fat that are resistant to traditional weight loss methods.
  • Healthy Skin: Ideal candidates have good skin elasticity, which helps the skin conform to the body’s new contours post-treatment.
  • General Health: You should be in good general health, without conditions that could complicate the treatment, such as cryoglobulinemia, cold agglutinin disease or paroxysmal cold hemoglobinuria.
  • Realistic Expectations: It is important to have realistic expectations about the results. CoolSculpting Elite is not a weight loss solution but, instead, a body contouring tool.

Who Is Not a Candidate for CoolSculpting® Elite?

  • Pregnant or Nursing Women: The effects of CoolSculpting on pregnant or nursing women have not been thoroughly studied.
  • Those With Certain Medical Conditions: Individuals with conditions that make them sensitive to cold temperatures, such as Raynaud’s disease, and those with hernias at or near the treatment site should avoid the procedure.
  • Severe Obesity: Those with a BMI classified as severely obese should consider other weight loss methods, as CoolSculpting is less effective in these cases.

If you are considering CoolSculpting Elite, schedule your consultation at Contour You. Our certified CoolSculpting clinicians will have an open discussion with you about your medical history, aesthetic goals and more to help determine whether the procedure is right for you.

How Should I Prepare for CoolSculpting® Elite?

Preparing for your CoolSculpting Elite session involves a few simple but important steps to ensure the best possible results and a smooth treatment experience. Here are some guidelines to help you prepare:

  • Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle: Eat a balanced diet and follow a regular exercise routine leading up to your treatment. This will help stabilize your body weight, which can enhance the results of CoolSculpting Elite.
  • Avoid Anti-Inflammatory Medications: Stop taking medications such as aspirin, ibuprofen and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) for at least a week before the procedure to minimize the risk of bruising.
  • Stay Hydrated: Drink plenty of water in the days leading up to your treatment. Hydration is vital to maintaining optimal skin and body health.
  • Avoid Smoking and Alcohol: Refrain from smoking and limit alcohol consumption for at least 24 hours before your session, as these can affect your body’s ability to heal and may increase the risk of complications.
  • Wear Comfortable Clothing: Choose loose, comfortable clothing on the day of your procedure. This will help you relax during the treatment and easily expose the area being treated.
  • Plan a Relaxing Day: Ensure that you do not have strenuous activities scheduled for after your session. While there is no required downtime, planning a relaxing day can help your body start the recovery process comfortably.

Following these steps can help maximize your comfort and the effectiveness of your CoolSculpting Elite treatment, leading to better overall results.

How Many CoolScultping® Elite Applicators Are There?

The CoolSculpting Elite system is highly versatile, equipped with a variety of applicators tailored to address different body areas and achieve optimal results. Each applicator is specifically designed to fit the unique contours of the targeted area, providing effective fat reduction with consistent treatment outcomes.

Compared to the previous CoolSculpting system, CoolSculpting Elite has been upgraded and includes three new applicators designed to cover more surface area and provide a more uniform treatment. These Elite applicators allow for treating two areas at once, effectively reducing treatment time and increasing the overall efficiency of the fat reduction process.

The Elite line of applicators includes:

  • CoolElite Curve: Designed for larger curved areas such as the abdomen and flanks, enhancing the fit and comfort during treatment.
  • CoolElite Flat: Best suited for flatter areas of the body like the thighs and areas that require more precise fat reduction.
  • CoolElite Mini: Ideal for smaller areas needing detailed attention, such as under the chin or around the knees.

What Is CoolSculpting® Elite Recovery Like?

  • Right After Treatment: You may notice slight redness, some soreness, a tingling sensation and numbness in the targeted area. You can resume most of your daily activities.
  • In the Next Few Days: You might experience light swelling or bruising. These symptoms are temporary and should naturally subside quickly.
  • One to Three Weeks After: Your body begins to break down and remove dead fat cells. During this period, some patients may begin to observe changes.
  • One to Three Months After: The most significant changes become visible as your body continues to eliminate fat cells.

How Much Does CoolSculpting® Elite Cost?

The cost of CoolSculpting Elite varies based on the number of areas treated and your geographical location. Generally, prices for a single treatment area can start at $800 per session, while multiple areas can range from $2,000 to $4,000 total depending on the specific areas needed. It is recommended that at least two sessions per area are completed for the best results. During your personalized consultation at Contour You, we will provide a detailed cost breakdown based on your individual CoolSculpting Elite treatment plan.

Why Should I Choose Contour You for CoolSculpting® Elite?

At Contour You Med Spa, our approach is shaped by Dr. Scott W. Siverhus’ extensive experience in bodybuilding and nutrition. Our treatments are about reducing fat and crafting a tailored experience that addresses your unique aesthetic goals. We’re here to support your transformation with expert care at every step.

Can I Combine CoolSculpting® Elite With Other Procedures?

Sylfirm X and CoolSculpting® Elite

Combining CoolSculpting Elite with Sylfirm X offers a comprehensive approach to body contouring and skin rejuvenation. CoolSculpting Elite specifically targets and reduces fat cells, effectively slimming and reshaping problem areas. On the other hand, Sylfirm X uses cutting-edge radiofrequency (RF) technology to address various skin concerns, including laxity, fine lines, wrinkles and uneven skin texture.

By integrating these two treatments, you can reduce unwanted fat and enhance your skin quality and tightness. The Sylfirm X procedure stimulates collagen production, leading to firmer and more elastic skin, which complements the fat reduction achieved with CoolSculpting Elite.

Exosome Therapy and CoolSculpting® Elite

Combining CoolSculpting Elite with exosome therapy enhances overall skin healing, texture and firmness. Exosomes help rejuvenate the skin by promoting collagen production and tissue repair, complementing the fat reduction achieved through CoolSculpting Elite.

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