Peyronie'S Disease

What to Know About Peyronie’s Disease (Penile Curvature) and Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Peyronie’s disease occurs when a buildup of scar tissue causes curved and often painful erections. Sometimes it goes away on its own, but it can also be treated with shock wave therapy. There’s no cure for Peyronie’s disease, but treatment may help reduce symptoms. Scar tissue on a certain part of the penis reduces elasticity in that area. Plaque on the top of the penis may cause it to bend upward during an erection. Plaque on the side may cause curvature toward that side. More than one plaque can cause complex curvatures. Though it may be tempting to request medication right away, many doctors prefer the “watchful waiting” approach if symptoms aren’t severe. 

If you’re in search of a safe and effective solution to address erectile dysfunction, you’ve come to the right place. Contour You Medspa is proud to offer BTL Cellutone shockwave therapy to increase blood flow to the penis and improve your sexual health. Talk to one of our experienced team members to learn more about this revolutionary male enhancement solution and determine if it is right for you

BTL Cellutone Male Enhancement

Low-intensity Extracorporeal Shockwave Treatment (LI-ESWT) Improves the symptoms of erectile dysfunction without surgery.

  • Non-invasive, painless procedure
  • Doesn’t require anesthesia or medications
  • No reported treatment side effects
  • Stimulates the growth of new blood vessels
  • Increases blood volume
  • Eliminates micro-plaque in the blood vessels
  • Recruits and activates new cell growth
  • Stimulates nerve regeneration
  • Promotes tissue remodeling
  • Creates stronger, harder, and more sustainable erections
  • Significantly improves erectile function with long-term results


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